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The price starts from around $100 per link and goes all the way up to $5000.

We work with many contributors and vendors. We have an unique approach to providing links from news websites .

Depending upon your niche, authority and traffic of the news website, we will pick the best link for the price. We will do all the hard work of vetting the news website. All you need to do is give us a budget.

For example:

Say, you have a budget of $1000 for a link. We will check the list of all available news websites where we can get a link from for $1000.

We will also inform you if we can get 2 links from smaller news website instead of 1 link from a bigger news website. We will give you the choice to choose. Once we have your confirmation, we will go ahead and place your article in that news website.

2nd tier Links to Power up your 1st Tier:

We will spend approx. 20-30% of the budget to boost the backlink with some 2nd tier and 3rd tier backlinks. This will give you a better value for money as it will strengthen the backlink and will also create link relevancy. This will ensure that your link is not an orphan link.

Authority Backlinks

News websites offer very high authority backlinks. They are essential for your website.

Parasite SEO

You can use news websites as a parasite to rank on Google instead of your main website.

Reputation Management

You can use news websites to build your online reputation and credibility.