Google Sheet for Guest Posts

How to access the FREE Google Sheets with Author Logins?

Two Eligibility Criteria’s:

PAID Option:$50 per month subscription.

FREE Option:

In order to access the Google sheet for FREE, you need to contribute as well. Provide us with 5 author accounts login details in exchange. We will add them to our google sheet.

What to add in the form?

  1. You need to share login details of 5 wordpress blogs for Free guest posting.
  2. Each Blog should be indexed on Google.
  3. Each Blog should be minimum DA 15, DR 15
  4. No traffic requirements
  5. Do not provide publicly available sites like Medium or Penzu.

New Google Sheet Every month

  • We will create a new Google Sheet every month because some logins might stop working.
  • Every month you will need to update new author account logins if previous ones aren’t working.
  • If all your old 5 author accounts are working fine, then you do not need to add any new author accounts.
  • The new websites shouldn’t be a duplicate from the existing google sheet.